Yes, I’m a Procastinator

Obviously I took another long break for no reason whatsoever. Laziness has its drawbacks… I guess. I shall be quick about it: the blog will start focusing on everything related to me, or anything I am passionate about. That meaning more games, more drawing, more personal opinions on whatever. Don’t believe me? You think I am too lazy for it? Stay tuned for more.


Sex Magick – Autoerotic Congress


I’ve made a somehow introductory post right here. I apologize for absolutely any kind of subjective way of talking, or accents on certain aspects due to my own opinion.

Sex magick can roughly be defined as any magickal act which uses sex as a component of the casting (as obvious as it is). Generally, sex magick is used in order to transcend, materialize, exhaust a desire, or get inspiration from it. It has always been part of of the magickal practice, though some see it as a lesser taboo, because, for some reason, it might conflict with their concept of what a mage is supposed to be and do. Stereotypically , it’s seen that followers of the Left-Hand Path would dabble in it, thanks to its ability to express and control desire.

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After an Unnecessary Break

Doesn’t sound too good, does it? That was the last post on my blog. A repost, mind you. The actual last post written by me was on 2014/02/20.

Let’s say I’m a lazy one, aiming to refine my already fine art of procastination. Considering that I haven’t actually practiced magic properly for more than a year now, just some invocations and manifestations every now and then (to be read ‘again’), I’ve had plenty of times to do all them teenage-ish shenanigans. That time, as well, was invested in a lot of thinking. I can’t say I meditated on the aspects regarding my practice, just that there’ve been some moments when giving it a little thought felt to be the best thing to be done. Continue reading


Postmodern Magic

I would love to live in a fantasy world, I admit it.  If I could put on a robe, carry a staff, have peasants tremble at my terrible power, and so on — that’d be pretty nifty.  And that’s why there are such things as video games and novels and roleplaying games, all fun things.  But they’re not real.

In reality, I live a double life.  On the one hand, I am a mild-mannered (or not so mild, actually, in terms of manner, some days) professional.  I deal with the public, champion critical thinking and skepticism, and regard myself as a scholar.  I get up, go to work, pay my mortgage, clean the house, mow the lawn, cook dinner, eat it in front of the computer while watching old episodes of Frasier.  You know: an ordinary life.

On the other hand, I’m an occultist.  I pray to gods, practice theurgic…

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Signs You Are a Magician

Postmodern Magic

Recently, Nick Farrell wrote a post in which he enumerated several signs that you’re not a real magician.  Some of these signs are things I agree with, but some I disagree with strongly, so I’d like to counter with my own short list of signs that you are in fact a magician, inspired by his post.

1.  You dress consciously in order to achieve the outcome you wish.  For some environments, that’s a suit and tie.  For others, it’s a t-shirt and jeans.  For yet others, it might be all black with a pentagram.  It depends on what you wish to achieve, and you recognize that clothes are potent symbols in our culture.  You don’t wear a toga to a job interview, unless togas are the expected attire at that job.

2.  You do regular magical work, balancing between “hot” or practical work and “cool” or preparatory work.  You don’t…

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Energy as a Liquid Egregore

We’re all familiar with the concept of subtle energy – some metaphysical parameter which has quantity, quality – it’s ethereal and somehow gets shaped at the same time, as a form of folding (a spiritual) reality. Egregores are thoughtforms, entities generated by a certain mage or a group of mages – but how are they related?

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Not enough Tool Usage (or Charisma-Follower)

Here’s the previous post:

I promised there that I will cover in today’s post how personality affects magick weapons. I find every single act and view affected by our personality, especially when it comes to such a mental (or spiritual if you prefer) skill.

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What is a technique?

This is a very short post, the shortest summary I’ve ever done. The 1 view per day is annoying.

A technique is a practical application of a method of ability usage or spellcasting. It refines the intent and gives it a shape which can be understood by your mind. For a technique to be effective it requires three elements : the shape, the application and the understanding.

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Bioshock-based Model of Magick

Stormmer, Sep 27, 2013 Going to make a small introduction to the Bioshock lore. Not going to get into the whole liberal underwater utopia and unethical industry, just going to talk about something more…magickal. The lore itself is great, and the story is magical on it’s own, but something else triggers the reaction. A scientist found that a man whose hand was paralyzed, after being bittern by some kind of sea slug, the hand was okay. That scientist found within the sea slug some kind of weird subtance called “ADAM” , basically it begins like cancer, it ends as unstable stem cells. This allows people to modify genetic data. Next step? Tonics and plasmids. Basically, tonics upgrade you, they make you stronger, faster…create shock effects upon being hit, make you invisible if you stand still etc. Basically , passive effects under the art-deco American 50’s and 60’s style. Of course, for the sake of the gameplay the tonics are categorized as Engineering, Combat and Physical.  But, what about active powers?

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